Don't Name It! Part Deux

City At the Center of the World

Road-Name Species Role Notes
Mal Dragonborn (Blue) Oracle
Skald Human (Ulfen) Fighter
Tawny Half Elf (Varisian/Wild) Rogue
Tyrael Elf Ranger

2 Kuthona 4711, Starday
“Thanks to Priestess Jhanyss’ Air Walk spell, young ‘Tawny’ and I arrived in Absalom with time for the morning meal before temple services. Our time together has softened her anger toward me, and I think she realizes now that my efforts on her behalf were not cruelty but calculated and undertaken for her benefit. Once she has finished her schooling, I feel she will be a talented and skilled spellfilcher – perhaps even a credit to the Keeper of Secrets’ own.”

“We were observed by the unflappable peoples of Absalom and largely ignored for our unorthadox entrance. Indeed, the arrival of a pair of elves by air – even if one of them is posessed of bright turquoise-colored hair – was far from the most bizarre event of the day. We did not, however, go unnoticed.”

“As we passed from the docks area through the mercantile district and toward the temple district, the small mob of onlookers waxed and waned, gaining a few gawkers as we passed by the food-carts hawking their wares and losing numbers steadily as people found more interesting things to stare at or were distracted by excellent sales.”

“While I am no city-dweller, I could see that the two individuals who continued to follow us doggedly all the way to the Mother’s House were unusual, even by Absalom’s standards. Of the two, the tall and blonde Ulfen warrior (normally the sort of oddity that would cause less polite individuals to point and stare) was the more ‘normal’. The other was a living column of blue flesh, clad in an interlocking lattice of blue metal and scales. Despite the menace that the heavy armor’s jagged edges and … horns … projected, the general demeanor of the giant person was genial.”

“After discharging my duty and seeing ‘Tawny’ to the Temple’s safety, I took no time for respite and instead decided to see to our admirers’ curiosity. The odd couple were not so mismatched as their appearance would dictate. ‘Skald’, the Ulfen and ‘Mal’ the er, ‘Dragonborn’ were sell-swords adrift on the sea of chance. It seemed to me that these boys were bound for trouble if I did not tend to thier destinies, so I applied a small about of my influence to their course – I suggested that they vist the many local sages and scholars that abound in Absalom, as they often have need of rough men and women to deal with some of the more practical aspects of study.”

“It is also noteworthy that Skald indicated that he was carnally interested in young Tawny, so I took to hightened notice of the young Man. If Skald’s interest was more than a passing fancy, it might well benefit all involved for the two to be formally introduced.”

“Some time passed as Skald and I discussed his plans and dreams for the future as Mal went in search of a bed and employment. I imagine he did not look for them both in the same place.”

“To keep Skald busy, I found him a place with a local smith for room and board. Everyone works on Starday, after all. I did not have to search at all to be able to fill my own time. There never seems to be an end to the small tasks a Temple has for a visiting errant such as myself. I spent the day counciling others, delivering packages, chopping wood, fetching water, and mending fences.”

From the Collected Journals of Tyrael Longbranch, Errant of the Forgotten Goddess of Dreams



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