Don't Name It! Part Deux

Xanthan Narans Previous Adventures part 1

9th of Pharast, 4709AR

Entry 1

This afternoon marks my first journey beyond my home city, at least in the physical sense. I have traveled outside of Absalom many times before, thanks to the magic of the written word. However all that time spent in Forae Logos did not prepare me at all for these conflicting emotions while I watch the City at the Center of the World disappear below the horizon. On the one hand I shall miss the hustle and bustle of the city, and my favorite chair. On the other hand I’m excited to finally be able to visit all the wondrous places I’ve read about in my youth. I do take comfort in knowing that the family home is in good hands with Sam, I expect my little nieces and nephews will find ways to leave their own marks on the home. especially little Kari, that girl could probably find her way into the most secure Vault of Abadar without a sweat.

The Sparrow is an odd ship of Nexian manufacture, I was a bit hesitant to board a vessel powered by the animated dead, but Captain Janvin assures me that it has been many years since an accidental brain eating. The meals seem fresh and are decently good, though the service is eerie and quiet. I’ve never had to address the issue of undead first hand, I’m still unsure how I feel about them. I will have to contemplate this later.

My first Task for the Society is to travel to Sandpoint, a small, fairly isolated holding of Magnimar in Varisia, where I am to help decipher some ancient Thassilonian Runes. Our local Contact Brodert Quint seems to think these Runes will change the course of Golarion itself. I’m very much looking forward to being part of this grand discovery.

My fellow Society Member Kevlag the Dour, a grim yet poetic man of Cheliaxian birth, has gathered an eclectic team of sorts to accompany us on this journey. First was Jack, a fellow countryman, he is a quiet fellow who keeps mostly to himself, all I’ve been able to glean from him is that until recently he was a member of the Absalom Military, an archer I believe. Jack also maybe be of Azlanti decent. Our next companion is the always mirthful and giggling Debirth a dark-haired halfling priestess of Desna, how she has ties to Kelvag is beyond me, they seem quite the opposite of each other. We heard the next member of our group well before he came aboard ship, the loud mouthed and always cursing Harsk. What wealth he wasn’t wearing in his thick blonde beard he carried around in the form of a Musket which he insisted we call “Sweet Sazzu”. The last member of this odd group was Venistral, a soft spoken person, she preferred to go by the title “trap springer” she seems the most shy of our group, going so far as to cover herself completely in public, save her amber colored eyes.

Unless something noteworthy happens, my next entry will be from Sandpoint.

~Xanthan Naran



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